Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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ips modul class 6

Are You or Your Facility E-cycling?
As changes in technology make computers, computer accessories, TVs, cell phones and other electronics obsolete, the problem of what to do with discarded electronic items — often called “e-waste” or “e-scrap” — continues to grow. The lead, mercury,and other heavy metals and chemicals used in almost all electronic devices pose a potential risk to the environment and human health when improperly disposed of. Learn what to do with Computers and Other Electronics.

sylabus sd for class 3 and class 4 r

rpp are here for the teacher want to teach the cildren, we alow you tu put the file

silabus ips for class 2 sd

you can put the silabus and rpp here, copyleft is ok for me , so just click and enjoy it for you

silabus sd for ips

Learning is the acquisition and development of memories and behaviors, including skills, knowledge, understanding, values, a.syllabus is a sample: date specific syllabus will be distributed on first day of class. silabus for SD abd rpp is here and ready to serve for you. the link is below.

Monday, October 29, 2007

sylabus for kids sd and mi

english sylabus methode is here
1.english rpp 3 lessons for sd kids and teacher,
2. English language grammar sylabus for kid sd
3. English sylabus for teacher

4. Ips silabus for kids teacher sd
5. Download sylabus for ips teacher sd
6. heres download rpp sd sylabus for ips teacher
7. rpp for ips teacher sd
8. rpp and lesson for tacher sd in indonesia download

Sunday, October 28, 2007

sd silabus rpp RPP Lesson 01.pdf
here is a link for silabus sd lesson 1 for teacher in indonesia

sd english

Materi Pokok/
Pembelajaran Kegiatan Pembelajaran Indikator
Lesson 2 Where is Sari?
Sekolah : SD/MI . . .
Kelas : IV
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Semester : 1
Standar Kompetensi : Mendengarkan
1. Memahami instruksi sangat sederhana dengan tindakan dalam konteks kelas.
2. Mengungkapkan instruksi dan informasi sangat sederhana dalam konteks kelas.
dan Berbicara
1.1. Merespons
tindakan sesuai
instruksi secara
berterima dalam
konteks kelas.
2.3. Bercakap-
cakap untuk
informasi secara
berterima yang
tindak tutur:
• Percakapan yang
ungkapan meminta
informasi tentang
locations dan
personal pronouns:
he, she, I, you,
it, they.
• Ungkapan berupa
Fold in half
vertically, then
• Kosakata yang
berkaitan dengan
1. Mengamati gambar.
2. Menyimak guru
mengucapkan kosakata
yang berkaitan dengan
tema terkait.
3. Menirukan guru
mengucapkan kata-
kata tersebut.
4. Mengamati gambar.
5. Menyimak guru
percakapan yang
mengandung locations
dan personal pronouns
he, she, I, you, it, they.
6. Menirukan guru
• Melakukan
ungkapan yang
• Menggunakan
dengan tepat
kosakata yang terkait
dengan jenis teks
dan tema.
• Merespons kalimat
dengan istilah
locations dan
personal pronoun
yang tepat.
• Tes lisan
• Tes unjuk
• Daftar kata
• Performance
• Look at the
pictures. What do
you see? Listen to
your teacher.
• Look at the
pictures. Repeat
after your teacher.
. . . × 35' • Buku Kids’
Talk Grade
IV, PT Pakar
• Kamus.
• Buku-buku
lain yang

For PDf download